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Travelling with Medication? Make Sure You're Prepared for Customs


Many people take some form of prescription medicine on a regular basis, and if you're one of them, you'll understand the importance of having it with you wherever you go. In particular, it's important that you pack your medication when you travel abroad, as being stuck without it could be dangerous or aggravate your medical condition.

However, travelling with medicine can be a challenge. To combat the smuggling of illegal substances, customs personnel have to exercise extreme caution when they discover any sort of drug. To make the process smoother and avoid any delays, you should make sure you and your medicine are prepared, by following these tips:

Do your homework

Ideally, you should spend some time finding out about the country you plan to visit before you get as far as booking a ticket. Some drugs that are legal at home are banned in certain countries, and the last thing you want is to have to cancel your travel plans because you wouldn't be able to take your medication with you.

The internet is normally the only resource you need to find out what you need to know, but if you're unsure, you can contact a customs clearance service, or get in touch with your embassy.

Bring documentation

You should pack a copy of your prescription to help prove the medicine is intended for you, and that it's been issued by a doctor. Usually, this is sufficient to smooth the process of getting through customs, but it can be helpful to get a letter from your doctor as well. The letter should confirm that the medication has been prescribed to you, and include a short description of what it's needed for. Make sure you allow ample time before travelling for the doctor to complete this letter.

Don't repackage

Pills that have been removed from their original packaging and put into other containers will look suspicious to customs officials, possibly delaying the process. Leave them in the packaging you got them in.

Only take essentials

If you take multivitamins and over-the-counter painkillers, it's probably not worth the hassle of taking them with you. Because they're not prescribed, there's no documentation to go with them. In most countries, you should be able to buy more when you arrive, if you don't want to be without them.

Be aware of particular issues

There are certain drugs that are restricted in many countries, so make sure you're aware of the situation if you take any of them. You should also be prepared for more thorough checks if you need to carry syringes.


17 June 2017