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Applying for a Visa? What Is the Difference between "Working Holiday" and "Work and Holiday"?


If you are young, free and adventurous and not living in Australia already, the thought may have crossed your mind. It is, after all, a very dynamic and youthful country and a key destination for many, as they seek to grow their experience and plot their future. It's little wonder that there is so much demand from a variety of different overseas countries for specific types of visa that allow young people to come and sample what Australia has to offer. Yet, sometimes migration matters can be a bit confusing, and this is certainly the case here. For example, you may look at the 417 Working Holiday Visa and the 462 Work and Holiday Visa and wonder what on earth is the difference? What do you need to know here?

What's in the Number?

While these two visas have the same objective in mind, (which is to give people under the age of 30 an opportunity to sample Australia by living and working there for year), there are subtle differences nevertheless. One of the main differences is in eligibility. The 417 visa is intended for visitors from a raft of mostly European countries, whereas the 462 visa is open to citizens from a variety of other countries, including far Eastern nations and the USA. The latter visa contains additional restrictions related to the understanding of the English language, and applicants must have attained a certain level of education. The 462 applicants must also show a letter of support from their government, in many cases.

Rules for Application

All applicants have to apply for either of these visas from outside of the country. If successful, they will be granted for a period of one year, and this can be extended for an additional year under certain circumstances. One of these is the need to work for part of this time in regional locations, or Northern Australia.

Extra Conditions Apply

Applicants are also not allowed to work for a single employer for the entire period, nor can they indulge in studying for longer than a few months. Fundamentally, they need to be able to prove that they can support themselves during their stay and that they have enough cash for their return ticket back home.

Sorting Out the Details

Migration matters are rarely straightforward and it's usually beneficial for any applicant to get the assistance of a skilled migration agent, in order to stand the best chance of success. For more information, contact a business such as Fisa Pty Ltd.


27 June 2017