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How To Apply For A Prospective Marriage Visa


A prospective marriage visa allows people that intend to marry Australian citizens to live, work and study in the country before the wedding. Most people experience difficulties when applying for the subclass 300 visa. Below is a short guide on how you can improve the chances of a positive outcome as you apply for a prospective marriage visa

Hire An Immigration Attorney

Some people presume that immigration attorneys are an unnecessary additional cost as they apply for a visa. However, an experienced lawyer can significantly improve the chances of successful approval. The professional will assess your situation and advise whether you qualify for the visa. Besides, the lawyer will follow up with the immigration department if they take too long to process the visa. One of your concerns when hiring an immigration lawyer is his or her expertise. He or she should have insurance coverage to ensure you do not incur losses due to his or her negligence. 


Prospective marriage visas are not processed instantly. Therefore, you should make an application a few months before your wedding. An early application ensures that you have adequate time to submit your documents and attend interviews. Additionally, you will have sufficient time to make an appeal if the department rejects your application.


Other than the health and character requirements, you will need to provide sufficient evidence that you are in a serious relationship with your partner. Typically, you will need to provide a celebrant's certificate. Moreover, the immigration conduct department will conduct some background research to determine the eligibility of your sponsor. For example, he or she should have sufficient funds to support your stay in Australia. Besides, the sponsor should not have sponsored someone else on a similar visa. The department will also check whether the sponsor has been involved in a criminal or sexual assault case. 


More often than not, the immigration department will invite you for an interview to determine the authenticity of your application. For instance, your case officer could ask you about your partner's work history, family or hobbies. Your lawyer will prepare you for the interview. For example, he or she could train you on how to avoid tricky questions. The lawyer will also accompany you to the interview. He or she will expound your case officer's question and ask for breaks to ensure you do not contradict yourself.

When applying for a prospective marriage visa, hire an immigration attorney, apply for the visa on time, check the eligibility criteria and prepare for interviews. 


14 December 2020