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Divorce and Breaking Up Might Not End Your Chances at Permanent Residency


The wait for a partner visa to be approved and then the wait for permanent residency can be long, frustrating and scary if the relationship ends before permanent residency has been awarded. However, the end of the relationship does not mean that the partner visa is automatically cancelled. There are a number of circumstances where the non-Australian partner can still receive permanent residency based on a partner visa. The process can be daunting, but a good immigration attorney can guide you through what to do next.

The Reason for the End of the Relationship Determines the Next Move

The reason why the relationship ended is the main driver in whether or not the partner visa is cancelled. The immigration service looks at whether or not you'd still be in a relationship with your Australian partner had the ending event never happened. For example, if you're in a long, happy, documented relationship with an Australian who then dies, you still have a good chance of getting permanent residency (assuming you had nothing to do with the death, of course).

Or, say you're in a well-documented relationship and have a partner visa, and you come home one day to find your partner has abandoned you with no warning. You actually still have a chance at permanent residency, although this is a trickier situation, and legal help is a good thing to have.

You Will Always Have a Chance to Respond

If your partner reports that your relationship has ended, you will always have a chance to respond. This is where legal assistance becomes necessary as you want to be sure the wording you use in your response is accurate and convincing. Remember that you may think it's obvious that you should stay, but you have to be sure your response truly conveys why you should stay to people who haven't been following the evolution of your day-to-day relationship.

Cancellation of Sponsorship Can't Be Used as a Threat

Your partner cannot use the cancellation of their sponsorship as a threat, and domestic violence is taken seriously. Do not assume you have to stay in an abusive relationship for the sake of getting permanent residency. Contact your immigration lawyer immediately about getting out of the relationship and keeping your visa. Again, you get a chance to let the immigration service know what is going on, and if you would still be in the relationship if it weren't abusive, that does count.

When are you likely to lose a partner visa after a relationship ends? If the breakup was natural and due to one or both of you honestly deciding the relationship wasn't working out.

If you find yourself no longer in the relationship that brought you to Australia, contact your immigration lawyer immediately. If there's a chance that you can still keep your partner visa, you need to start working on that case immediately.


19 January 2022