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Hello, my name is Colin. Welcome to my blog. When it comes to consulting, a lot of people are quite put off because they do not understand the value of hiring a consulting. A consultant is a specialist who can offer advice on a range of topics such as finance, travel, property and other areas. I used to be quite worried about approaching consultants until I first did it. It was my brother who first took me along to my first appointment and once I saw the value they could offer, I didn't look back. I decided to start this blog to encourage other to hire a consultant.

Types of Hires a Recruitment Agency Can Provide Your Business


Recruitment agencies have seen a surge in popularity over the years as more and more businesses seek out their services to meet their employment needs. Nevertheless, some individuals may not be sure about how these agencies would be beneficial to their organisation. The first thing to note is that recruitment agencies take out the hassle of you finding potential employees by going through the rigorous process of selection, interviewing, background checks and more on your behalf. Secondly, they will have a database of prospective employees making it easier for them to match you with a candidate qualified for your needs in a short time. So what are some of the types of hires that you can opt for from a recruitment agency?

Permanent hire

In this scenario, the hiring agency will function to fill a permanent position in your organisation. All you would need to do is provide the agency with the qualifications that you require as well as the responsibilities that you will expect the prospective candidate to handle. The labour hire agency will then go through the process of whittling down the different candidates that meet the requirements before sending one your way. It should be noted that with permanent hires, the contract with the recruitment agency ends once you take the candidate on as a full-time employee.

Project sourcing hire

This type of recruitment is also referred to as contract work, consultancy or general outsourcing. It applies to situations where an organisation will need specialised skills from a prospective candidate for a specific period. This form of recruitment is ideal for businesses that work on different types of projects on a routine basis, which would mean they need diverse skill sets depending on the individual job at hand. With project sourcing, you get the advantage of not having to incur the costs of having a specialist on the payroll yet they may not be useful for all the projects that you embark on. However, you would be responsible for paying the specialist for the period that they are under your employ.

Interim hire

Interim hire is commonly confused with project sourcing as it also focuses on short-term employment opportunities. The main difference between the two types of labour hire is that interim work functions to fill in general positions in the workplace that do not require specialised skill sets. It is ideal if you are looking to replace an employee that may be on sick leave, maternity leave or perhaps to handle a sudden increase in workload. It is usually referred to as temp work, and the recruitment agency may be tasked with the responsibility of paying the employee.


20 June 2017