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Understanding Depression: Types, Symptoms And Treatment Options


Depression can be difficult to identify, as everyone experiences periods when they don't feel particularly happy. However, a low mood tends to resolve pretty quickly, but depression can interfere with your daily life for extended periods of time. Here's an overview of the main types of depression, symptoms and treatment options:

Types Of Depression

There are many different sub-categories of depression, but in general, the condition can be separated into three types. Mild depression doesn't tend to cause many problematic symptoms, and friends or family members may not notice there's a problem, but sufferers are aware they don't feel quite themselves.

Moderate depression can interfere with your ability to carry our daily tasks, interact with other people and perform to the expected standard at work.

Severe depression leaves you uninterested in life and unable to accomplish even basic tasks required to maintain your health and well-being, such as showering and eating regular meals. When severe depression is left untreated, sufferers can develop psychosis, which can cause them to experience delusions and hallucinations.


Symptoms of depression can vary from person to person, and sufferers don't tend to experience all of the possible symptoms associated with the condition. Experiencing even one or two symptoms of depression is reason enough to explore whether you could have the condition. Common symptoms include poor concentration, a decrease in self-confidence, loss of interest in activities you usually get enjoyment from and crying more often than usual. You may also experience changes to your sleeping pattern, and those who smoke or drink alcohol may notice an increase in these activities. Severe depression can cause you to experience thoughts of suicide and worthlessness.

Treatment Options

There's no standard test to diagnose this condition, but your GP can help you determine if you're experiencing depression by discussing your symptoms and general well-being with you. There are three main treatment approaches for tackling depression, and patients often find they require a combination of these approaches to feel better.

The self-help approach can be beneficial for those experiencing mild depression, and the key focus of this approach is consciously caring for your physical and emotional self. This may involve doing some form of exercise every day, which can reduce symptoms of depression thanks to the chemicals that are released in the brain when you partake in even low-intensity exercise. Additionally, you may want to focus on consuming a healthy diet and using relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help you sleep and reduce worry and anxiety.

Talking therapies can be a useful way for you to identify what might have triggered an episode of depression and help you reframe certain feelings or problems that could be damaging your wellbeing. Psychotherapy focuses on how your childhood experiences and important relationships in your life can influence how you feel now, while cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses more on what you can do now in the present to reduce your symptoms and begin to feel better. CBT can occur in a group session or one-to-one with a counsellor.

Treating depression with antidepressant drugs that alter brain chemicals can be effective, but it can take time to find a drug that works for you. Additionally, you may experience side-effects while using these drugs, such as abdominal discomfort and headaches, but they improve symptoms and quality of life for many people who are able to tolerate them with no issues.

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms associated with depression, or if you have any concerns about your mental health, schedule an appointment with your doctor and give these treatment approaches a go.  


23 June 2017