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How to Figure Out If You Can Go Down When Expanding Your Home


If you've lived in your home for a long period of time and love where you are, you may not be entertaining any thoughts of finding a new place. You may nevertheless feel that you need to expand a little, but don't feel as if you can go upwards and can't go sideways due to adjoining properties. Should you consider "going down?" What do you need to bear in mind, if you are considering whether a basement will work for you?


This is a rather unusual request, as most people consider that expansion involves an extension, or a new story aloft. A basement can nevertheless be a great investment and can add a lot of value to the property.


The first thing that you need to figure out is the nature of the ground underneath. You will need to be able to establish new footings to support the structure and be sure that they can resist loads from adjacent structures or nearby roads.

Assessing Water Impact

Where is the water table and how will groundwater levels affect your project? Will the slab that you lay be able to resist pressure from any water underneath? You may also have to redirect any services that you receive from underground.

Taking Measurements

Once you have dealt with all this theory, begin by exposing the current foundations and dig a trial pit all the way down to the proposed basement depth. Take readings in order to determine the water table impact during dry and wet periods.


Waterproofing is a key consideration and often, a new cavity drainage system has to be added adjacent to the retaining wall. You need to have a provision for eliminating water from the basement and may have to allow for the relevant pumps in order to do so.

Party Walls

If your property adjoins another, then you will have to figure out how you will deal with the party wall. This will require careful planning and underpinning to ensure that the wall is supported during any construction. Allow some funds within the budget for the cost of repairing any cracks that may appear and repainting if necessary.

Getting Expert Help

Each project is, of course, different and you may have to consider other options before you go ahead with your plan. Consult with a structural engineer first to see if they can come up with any other obstacles, or to make sure that your expansion goes by without any drama.

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27 June 2017